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-Steve Rogers was raised by an Irish-catholic single mom in New York in the Depression era
-Steve Rogers grew up with a ton of disabilities
-Steve Rogers had an apartment in an incredibly gay section of New York
-Steve Rogers was a fine arts student
-Steve Rogers completely missed the Red Scare, McCarthyism, the Cold War, Vietnam, Korea, etc.
-Steve Rogers was written by two Jewish guys
-Steve Rogers had a gay best friend and did not consider his love to be any less valid or less real
-Steve Rogers worked with Japanese-American and black soldiers in, again, the Second World War
-Steve Rogers was just in a movie about how utterly fucked up the military-industrial complex is
Basically if your Steve Rogers is a conservative commie-hating uber Christian who would be at home in a racist southern church, you’re doing something wrong.

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Kojima throwin’ down some wisdom.

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can we take a moment to appreciate how HUGE kakapos are

big chubby parrot BABIES 

Step 1: take parrot
Step 2: largen it
Step three : put it on a human??
Now you have green birb congratu!

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A quick sketch for a friend.

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Evidence shows that longer work hours make us less productive. The example of the Netherlands shows how shorter work time can be achieved without a reduction in productivity and in living standards. Longer work hours are also associated with poor health and higher mortality rates – we may be risking our lives by working longer.
— Why Are We Still Working So Hard? (via azspot)

i want to say “no shit” but there are people at the top who are not listening and not listening and not listening and

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